Il lupo giova all’intero ecosistema

Of ecosystems and wolves

Wolves play a very important role for the ecosystem in which they live; in fact, other species largely depend on them in a healthy way. By removing the wolf, the entire ecosystem would change dramatically.

Since 1995, the Americans have reintroduced the wolf to the west of the nation where scientific research has shown that its presence has revitalized and restored the habitat, favoring the repopulation of countless other species of birds, fish and ungulates. The presence of wolves influences the population of its prey, improving the morphology of the territory where the different species live and their movement between region and region.

The wolf hunts for food and without anthropogenic pressure, he kills weak or sick animals allowing the strong and healthy ones to perpetuate the species. The carcasses left by wolves are also food for other carnivorous animals that act as “ecological operators”. The presence of man and his farms has consequently altered the natural balance within an ecosystem where all the components are touched.

We should be able to open our 360 ° vision rather than pity us selves and feel threatened by an animal that also fears man, and with very good reasons! The awareness of the presence of the wolf on our territory and therefore the need to strictly apply everything possible to protect the grazing animals, is a decision that demonstrates wisdom.

Coexistence between humans and predators is possible: it is important to apply adequate protection to your livestock, whether you want with the presence of shepherds or dogs, the use of electrified fences, new surveillance technologies or avoid abandonment of animals in a vague pasture. Another example: in the western American states waving red flags are applied to electrified fences.

The consequence of outdoor farming is that livestock often die from many natural causes, such as exposure to atmospheric agents, diseases or the complications of childbirth. Whenever possible, these carcasses should be removed as they become an easy target for predators. Aid measures for farmers must be strengthened by the Federal Administration, this is a fact, but the application of protective measures must be implemented without delay.


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